I was deeply interested in art since my early childhood, when I used to attend all kind of classes available in my home town. These included ceramics, traditional photography, drawing and glass drafting. Over the years art has became my main way of self-expression, but that was not enough; I wanted to create objects that, besides the aesthetic value, would be useful in the everyday life. Thus, I moved my fascination with art onto design and took up the course of Furniture: Contemporary Design at Buckinghamshire New University.

At present I am about to enjoy my third year of studies, which I believe is the right time to make use of the opportunities that the market offers to young designers. I am proud of signing my first contract with Suck UK who recently believed in one of my projects (Handy Notes).

In my work I am trying to include aesthetic simplicity together with functionality, which I find to be essentials of a good design.


  • Furniture Design
  • Interior Design